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The company «Energo Country» is a developer and manufacturer of modern relay protection and automation (RPA) panels and offers a full range of services in the field of manufacturing, assembling and installation of such systems up to 750 kV

Despite the fact that the main production of the company is based on the classical principles of the national relay protection school, we actively involve foreign manufacturers on the Ukrainian market, combining the useful experiences of both schools

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List of services provided by the company «Energo Country»


Scheme-design, technical documentation and technical specifications development

Equipment manufacturing

Panels and other equipment manufacturing according to technical specifications

Equipment installation

Equipment assembling and installation at customer's premises

Equipment adjustment

Equipment setup and testing

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Relay protection and automation equipment

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Marcus Doe

Potulnyi Yuryi

Chief Engineer

Scheme-design, technical documentation and technical specifications development, manufacture control

Elena Taylor

Mytrofanov Egor

Head of Supply Department

Coordination with company's suppliers and customers

Cris Nilson

Tkachov Ruslan

Design engineer

Scheme-design, technical documentation and technical specifications development

Completed projects

Afloor panels for relay protection and automation

Afloor panels are designed for supplying AC and DC voltages of circuits of relay protection and automation equipment at power stations, transformer substations, distribution points and other objects.

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    Can be manufactured as:
  • High-frequency directional protection
  • Longitudinal differential protection
  • Differential-phase line protection
  • Stepped distance, stepped current protection

The main and backup protection of auto, two-, three-winding step-down transformers with a higher voltage of 35 kV and higher

Designed for automatic control of the switch 110-750 kV

    Can be manufactured:
  • With fixed connections
  • With variable fixation of connections
  • With the centralized breaker failure protection in the composition of the DZSH or with the use of individual breaker failure protection

The cabinets of the SCO series are designed for relay protection and automation of lines, sectional switches 35kV, and transformers 35/10 (6) kV of open type substations

Our company can manufacture panels according to your drawings, practically in any configuration


Hinged-type cabinets designet for switchgears in AC and DC circuits up to 1000V. They are equipped with automatic heating, which is switched on by a temperature sensor, and anti-condensation heating, which is switched on all the time. Manufactured in different combinations.

Camlin Power Products

"Camlin Power" company is a supplier of a wide range of innovative products for energy industry

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Download TOTUS brochure from our site >>

TOTUS has been designed for the modern asset manager. Each key parameter is monitored, analysed and presented graphically for immediate analysis.

The combination of technical innovation, build quality and superior customer and technical support puts TOTUS at the forefront of online transformer monitoring.

Download INTEGO GM brochure from our site >>

INTEGO GM is the only system correlating PD data with generator operating condition, thus providing real information enabling asset managers to dramatically reduce insulation degradation rate and extend generator life.

The unique capability of summarizing PD events at different operating conditions, including PD at machine start-up, makes INTEGO GM the perfect tool for generators under cycling regime or subjected to highly variable load.

INTEGO GM enables an asset strategy based on knowledge and reliable information. Designed to the highest industrial standards, INTEGO GM is suitable for safe installation in live operating conditions and is designed for extreme environmental conditions.

Download INTEGO brochure from our site >>

Cutting-edge design and intelligence allows INTEGO TM to exclude noise and provide reliable, intuitive information to the user. Easy correlation to other factors, such as load, temperature and DGA allow a clear understanding of true transformer condition.

Designed to the highest industrial standards, INTEGO TM is safely installed onto the bushing tapping points and is suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

Download PROFILE brochure from our site >>

Circuit Breaker Analyser

It is critical that the circuit breaker and protection relay operate correctly during faults. The PROFILE P3 can measure how the circuit breaker would perform in a real fault situation by capturing the vital first trip.

With the addition of Total Trip Time the PROFILE P3 can also provide the composite trip time of your protection relay and circuit breaker.

Relay protection and automation terminals

Relay protection and automation terminals are designed to protect and manage elements of power plants, transformer substations, distribution points and other facilities.

SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5 terminals (7SA522 remote line protection, 7UT63 differential transformer protection, 7VK87 circuit breaker control automatics, 7SS81 differential busbar protection, etc.)

Relion terminals (RET, REL, REF, RED, REQ etc.), Series 600, 500

Microprocessor relay combined devices of current protection and automation, budget friendly segment. (REST.01, REST.02)

Microprocessor two / - three-phase devices RPA with an optimized set of protection and automation functions. (ZX-310, ZX-410, ZX-520)

Microprocessor devices RZA with increased functionality and flexible configuration. (LX-120.1k, LX-120.2k / -120.3k / - 120.4k / - 120.5k, LX-120.7k, LX-120)

Devices for automatisation, control, registration and indication of electrical connections. (CX-105, CX-200)

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«Energo Country»

Why to choose us
Why to choose us
Why to choose us
Why to choose us


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